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Suffolk County Council is seeking your views on the proposal for a new crossing over Lake Lothing in Lowestoft.


The existing bridges at Mutford Lock and the A47 Bascule Bridge over the lake are inadequate to meet current and future traffic demand. Delays and congestion are a common occurrence for drivers, particularly during peak hours, and pedestrians and cyclists often have long and difficult journeys as they travel across the town.

A new crossing will reduce congestion, creating a new link between north and south Lowestoft. This new crossing presents an opportunity to introduce a focal point for the town enhancing its identity. This will help to regenerate the area and attract new investment. This is a significant project for Lowestoft and it is important that residents, businesses and those affected by the project have their say to help inform the refinement of the proposal.


In March 2016 Suffolk County Council (SCC) received a provisional funding

agreement of approximately £73m from the Department for Transport. This funding would cover the majority of the construction works required to deliver the crossing. The additional money required to deliver the project has been secured by the county council.


The crossing would consist of a multi-span bridge from Waveney Drive on the south side, to Peto Way on the north side. It is a single carriageway road with an opening section over the Lake and includes new roundabouts to the north and south to help integrate traffic smoothly into the existing road network. New foot and cycle ways will also be included.


The consultation will run for six weeks, between Monday 4 September and Monday 16 October and is the public’s opportunity to express their views on the scheme. SCC will carefully consider the public’s views and publish a report on the consultation. This report will form part of the planning application for the project.


You can use the following methods to fill out the consultation:


Go online to access the consultation documents and fill out a questionnaire at:


Complete questionnaires or send other feedback to SCC at:

LL3X Consultation Team


PO Box 73943 (Lake Lothing)




View consultation documents and pick up a questionnaire at Lowestoft, Kessingland

and Oulton Broad libraries or Waveney District Council Offices


Attend a public consultation event:


LOCATION                                                                      Date                                                          Time

Gunton Estate Community Hall                                         Tuesday 5 September 2017                         12 noon - 7 pm


Lowestoft Library                                                             Saturday 9 September 2017                         10.30 am - 4.30 pm


Spinnaker Room (Kessingland Library)                       Tuesday 12 September 2017                  2.30 pm - 7.30 pm


Kirkley Centre                                                                  Thursday 14 September 2017                  1 pm - 7.30 pm


Waveney District Council                                                    Friday 22nd September 2017                  2 pm - 7 pm


Commodore Mission Hall                                                   Tuesday 25 September 2017                       2 pm - 7 pm


St Marks Church                                                               Friday 29 September 2017                           1 pm - 7 pm 

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