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Halesworth Campus

In 2008 Suffolk County Council took the decision to change from a three tier to a two tier school structure. One of the results of this was the closure of the Halesworth Middle School in July 2012. Although it was extremely sad to see the loss of our wonderful school, it has provided us with an amazing opportunity to secure the future use of the site for the community.

The lack of community and recreational facilities in Halesworth has long been a subject of concern. The Halesworth Campus Project aims to seize this opportunity to go a long way to address the problem.

Can you help?

Interested in getting involved? The project is run by volunteers and on the principal that ‘many hands make light work’ we are always looking for more people to get involved. To find out more contact as at info@halesworthcampus.org


We have to look at this in relation to project phases. In the short term — phase one — we are already offering the following facilities:

  • The grass pitches
  • The hard tennis courts
  • One set of changing rooms
Also, already operating on the campus, and set to continue are:
  • The North Suffolk Skills Centre
  • The Apollo Youth Group
Phase two will involve HCL acquiring a property interest in the North end of the former Middle School (as well as those areas currently held under license). As a result, we hope that very soon the following facilities will also be available (phase two):
  • The indoor sports hall
  • The assembly hall, dining room and kitchen
  • A second set of changing rooms
What is ultimately available in phases three onwards depends on many factors, not least the availability of finance. The Materplan adopted by the HCL Board in September 2012 includes:
  • 3G full-size all weather pitch
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness gym
  • Cafe
We are also very aware that the Middle School and the Dairy Hill playing field sites surround the Health Services site at Cutler’s Hill. So, a priority is to work with Health Services partners to ensure we do not block future expansion or improvement of Health Services for the area.