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Remember When Club




At Carlton Colville Community Centre, Hall Road, Carlton Colville  NR33 8BT


For anyone over 40 years of age.     Every Friday  - 19.45  to  23.15.     Admission  £5.




1st  Friday           “ DISCO  NIGHTS ”  for ex Mods, Skinheads, Smoothies etc, playing,

in the month      listening and/ordancing to Reggae, Motown, Glam Rock, Soul, Smoochies & Funnies etc.                           


2nd  Friday        “ GOLDEN - OLDIES  &  LINE ” playing, listening and/or dancing to

in the month      Country & Western, Ballroom, and Crooners, Smoochies & Funnies etc.  Including Line Dancing.


3rd  Friday         “ REVIVE  ROCK ”  for ex  Rockers, Teddy Boys/Gals, & Hippies etc,

in the month      playing, listening and/or dancing to All types of Rock ( Rock ‘N’ Roll    

Heavy - and Glam ) Hippy Music, Smoochies and Funnies etc.                                                   


4th  Friday           “ JAZZ - IT – UP ” playing, listening and/or dancing to Rhythm &      

in the month      Blues, Jazz, Swing, Smoochies and Funnies etc.




Bring your own food and drinks. 

Although we have no bar at present, we may have one if numbers enable us to afford one.



The nights are “Not for Profit” . . . .  but any profits made will be

ploughed back into the club to hire local bands


Reviving & Reliving the music and atmospheres of the gigs and discos

from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s we used to enjoy . . . . . . .   

with the women dancing round their handbags.