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Slimming 4 Women — For a Slimmer and Fitter You

Slimming 4 Women (Mondays 1.30pm to 2.30pm, Bloodmoor Community Hall) continues to go from strength to strength and has steadily shrinking members. Of course the nature of slimming groups is that members join and lose weight and then don’t need to attend so regularly, so we are always on the look out for new members. But some of our ladies at goal weight continue to attend each week because they enjoy it so much!

I started the group originally because I needed to lose weight before a hip replacement operation and I knew it would be easier to do this as part of a group. I have lost over 4 stone and operation was a success!

Our weekly activities include such things as sharing recipes, cooking tips, learning about self esteem and how it affect what we eat, watching relevant DVDs, easy exercises, quizzes, learning about foot care and many other activities too numerous to mention. In recent weeks we have been raising money for a charity in Kenya and were delighted to raise £630 through sponsorship and donations to help build new wells for fresh water in a desert area. For more details you can go to http://nehemiahconstruction.org.uk/index.html

The main benefit of being a part of the group is that we all support and encourage one another to get slimmer, fitter and healthier. Members who have reached their goal weight, set by themselves, give advice and encouragement to those who are newer members and there is a real comradeship amongst the group.

Membership is £3 per annum and the weekly fee is just £1. We are a non-profit-making scheme and I want the group to be accessible to all. If you got a bit too well rounded over Christmas why don’t you join us? Phone me to find out more.

Margo Upstone 01502 586654

Here’s what some of our members think:

This group is unique due to a combination of support, advice and friendly company. I believe it fulfils its purpose of supporting women to lose weight due to strong leadership and good organisation.   Every session is motivating with specialist speakers, helpful tips and information on nutrition which is both interesting and useful. I can honestly say that this is the best slimming group I have ever attended.

The group is friendly and people are willing to share their experiences. I also appreciate the range of topics.

A  very friendly, supportive group which keeps me on the straight and narrow.   The other members help me want to lose weight as I feel we're in it  together and are genuinely rooting for  one another.