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Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives in the Country. It is a means of getting together with your neighbours to take action that can help to reduce crime.

Neighbourhood Watch is a community engagement scheme in partnership with the Suffolk Constabulary to help make your neighbourhood more secure and community feel safer.  Statistics show that levels of crime are less in residential areas covered by Neighbourhood Watch than in those which are not.

The main objectives of the Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association are:-


  • Raise the public perception of Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Foster closer links with the Police and other partnerships.
  • Strengthen Neighbourhood Watch networks and help them expand.
  • Give support and training to co-ordinators where required.
  • Help reduce crime and the fear of crime as well as developing community spirit.
  • Initiate community projects.


The role of a NHW Scheme coordinator is to be the main contact between the community and the police. Although NHW was set up primarily as a crime prevention initiative, it is also about getting to know your neighbours and helping to keep people safer.

NHW schemes are run by the community and supported by the Police.

For more information got to the Suffolk NWA website  -  http://www.suffolknwa.co.uk/

Locally, the Lowestoft Neighbourhood Watch Association supports Schemes in and around Lowestoft, of which there are over 80. The Association organise meetings for Watch members and provides regular email newsletters containing advice on personal and property safety.  New schemes are supplied with members’ guides and door stickers.  The Association is in regular contact with the police in Lowestoft, the County Police and Crime Commissioner and local Member of Parliament regarding issues on community safety.

Anyone wanting further information about starting a new scheme should go to the Suffolk NWA website. If you wish to contact someone locally then do so by email to: lowestoftnwa@outlook.com or by telephoning the Lowestoft  NWA chairman, Brian Sivyer on 01502 560414.