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Criteria for Awarding a Grant

Each year Carlton Colville Town Council awards grants of money to charities and voluntary organisations that contribute to the well-being of Carlton Colville or promote the image of the Town.

Funds available are limited. Therefore, however well deserving, County and National charities and organisations are unlikely to receive grants unless they can demonstrate that any funds granted would directly benefit Carlton Colville and its inhabitants.

Grants are awarded by the Town Council at its July meeting. Applications for those awards should be received by the Town Clerk by 31st May each year.

In support of their applications, charities and voluntary organisations MUST -

  • include a copy of their latest statement of accounts;
  • explain how any grant will be used.
  • include the following sentence in any publicity (and send a copy to the
  • Town Council) “Financially aided by Carlton Colville Town Council”

When deciding the allocation of grants, the Carlton Colville Town Council will

  • First, decide whether the charity or voluntary organisation is eligible as outlined in the first two paragraphs above;
  • Second, decide whether the supporting explanations about the charity or voluntary organisation’s finances, and the purpose to which the grant would be put are adequate;
  • Third, allocate such funds as may be decided and are available between the eligible applicants.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.

Applicants are welcome to attend the Town Council meeting and are advised to check the website for dates/times.  


Download a Grant Application Form Here